Spot Check: Open Mic at the Alaskan


What do ya know, we went to another Open Mic. Thursday was a particularly huge night for the 40+ crowd. Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you can’t have a second music career once your kids graduate. Open Mic is calling.

Tonight we made the rookie mistake of showing up at 9:00. The trick is, if you really wanna have a good time – don’t show too early. Just don’t do it. The hour between nine and ten is limbo at the Alaskan. You could just as easily walk out as you could order a beer. It’s a fine line between what am I doing with my life back at the Alaskan, on Thursday, again, and I’ve had a rough week. Thursday’s the new Friday. I really wanna wear this new tunic top. I deserve this. 

But you’re not gonna walk because this is Open Mic, and you’re about to have a really, really great time (after two beers.)


Chad helped sweeten the pot with a round of free beers for the ladies.



Brian kicked off Open Mic for the night beginning his set with the Dr. Hook song Sylvia’s Mother. Without fail this guys opens every Open Mic at the Alaskan with the same songs. Sometimes electric, sometimes acoustic, and sometimes with his parrot named Winter (this guy actually has a parrot.)  Before ending his set he claimed, “I know more cover songs than the Grateful Dead!” We believe him. That beard has stories…


You won’t catch these cool cats having a bad time. Giono, Kaley and Travis keeping it real in the back section.


They call him the general manager,  but we all know he’s king of Open Mic. C. Scott Fry is one bad mother on the guitar. If you like what you hear, there’s always more country blues songs on his radio show, Fry’s the Limit, from 3-5 on Saturday. What else would you listen to when you drop off your recycling? Duh.


And lucky us! A harmonica player hopped onstage. This guy gave Scott a run for his money.


The James Radio Hour was having a good time too. Remember when the Flaming Lips played the Gorge in ’93?  We don’t, but James does better than anyone. He has every one of their live albums, making his show the perfect pre-game to Open Mic Thursdays from 7 to 9. Don’t miss it.


Open Mic may have been a man’s world last Thursday, but when Teri Tibbett got onstage she was the queen. This lady is Open Mic Royalty, and we suspect she’s been playing the Alaskan since the late ’80s. Teri’s a pro. Also fun fact: She has Ferrets. Which made us think of this story.


Maybe you’ve heard these guys on the radio? Here’s DJ Taco Todd and Kit, KTOO superstars. Todd is one-half of Alaskan Scorcher who will be taking over the Alaskan this weekend for a ska, rocksteady and soul music party on Valentine’s Day reminding you that love is all about the fire.


We can’t wait to get older because we know we will soon be able to afford sweet instruments like this guy’s guitar which sounded really expensive. We watched him tune it for a half hour. Did we mention his deep voice? Like a fine wine, it was aged to perfection.


And then there’s Joe Emerson. He’s quiet and understated, but easily the best guitarist in the bar.


And.. then there’s the bar close, single guy round-up. They’ll be back tonight ladies, will you?

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