Up to 12 inches of more snow forecasted for Juneau

By November 21, 2013Outdoors

By 8 a.m., Thursday, 11 inches of snow had fallen in Juneau’s Mendenhall Valley. (Photo by Rosemarie Alexander/KTOO)

Juneau can look forward to more snow followed tonight and early tomorrow morning  by heavy rain, wind, and potentially freezing rain.

According to National Weather Service meteorologist Nicole Ferrin, as of noon today, Juneau’s Mendenhall Valley  had approximately 11 inches of snow. An additional four to 12 inches is expected through the evening.

The snow will likely turn to rain late tonight, “but there could even be an hour or two of freezing rain and then heavy rain through the morning, so it’s going to make conditions very messy,” Ferrin adds.

Ferrin warns the weather could cause some power issues and downed trees. There’s also a small chance of slides once the wind kicks in. Gusts up to 40 miles per hour are forecasted.

On the roads, Juneau’s streets superintendent Ed Foster says conditions aren’t too slick, but warns motorists to drive reasonably. He says his crew of 17 still has a lot of work to do.

“The day crew’s going to be working late tonight and the night crew is going to come in early so we’re going to be working through the night trying to get all this snow cleared up before it starts raining,” Foster explains.

According to Foster, his crew started clearing the interior streets and housing areas around noon. Those are the last areas that get cleaned up.

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