Enrollment down, but better than expected

Thunder Mountain High School Commons.

The final enrollment count for the Juneau School District shows 99 fewer students than projected.  It means the district will receive about $700,000 less in revenue for this school year.

The numbers were submitted to the Alaska Department of Education on Friday.  School operating funds come from the state, based on an amount per student. Schools are required to forecast the number of students several months in advance of the school year.

Officials knew earlier this fall that enrollment was lower than projections, but the final count turned out to be better than anticipated. The number of students with intensive needs also was higher than estimated.

The district had expected a loss of more than a million dollars.

Superintendent Glenn Gelbrich told the school board last night (Tuesday) that the shortfall will be offset by a carry-over in funds from last year’s budget.  The approximate $750,000 fund balance resulted from unspent areas of the budget and some unexpected revenue.

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