‘Pressure bomb’ injures Juneau man

By February 22, 2013Crime & Courts

Juneau police are warning citizens to be aware of homemade explosive devices after a Juneau man was injured on Thursday night.

Sargent Chris Gifford says the 68-year old Jennifer Drive resident suffered non-life threatening injuries to his hand after picking up a bottle, described as a ‘pressure bomb,’ that was left in his driveway.

He was treated at Bartlett Regional Hospital.

The bottle may have been left by occupants of suspicious vehicle in the neighborhood and exploded in his hand after he picked it up.

“The Juneau Police Department would also like to remind citizens that these devices are explosion hazard, they are unpredictable, and they can cause serious injury or death,” said Gifford.

He declined to explain in detail how the explosive worked because he did not want to give other people ideas about how to create more of them.

“These are items comprised of a plastic container with compounds inside used to create a mechanical explosion,” said Gifford.

Social media was active on Friday morning with warnings from Juneau residents not to pick up suspicious-looking plastic drink bottles.

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