New Mayor, Assembly, School Board members take office next week


Mayor Bruce Botelho and Deputy Mayor David Stone are expected to give outgoing remarks at a special meeting Monday where new Mayor Merrill Sanford and Assembly members Loren Jones and Jerry Nankervis are sworn-in. (Photo by Casey Kelly/KTOO)

Juneau’s new mayor and Assembly members will be sworn into office on Monday.

Merrill Sanford will take the oath of office for mayor, being vacated by Bruce Botelho.  Loren Jones will take over David Stone’s Assembly District One seat, while Jerry Nankervis will move into the Assembly District Two seat held by Ruth Danner.

Botelho and Stone have each served three terms and could not run for re-election due to term limits.  They are expected to give outgoing remarks.  Danner, who decided not to seek re-election, bid farewell at last week’s Assembly meeting.

Newly elected Juneau School Board members will be sworn in on Tuesday.  Andi Story and Phyllis Carlson were re-elected to their fourth term, and Destiny Sargeant will re-join the board after two years off.  She replaces Mark Choate who did not seek re-election.

The board will have another vacancy in November, when Kim Poole will resign, according to board president Sally Saddler.

After 19 years in Juneau, Poole will be moving to Oklahoma.

Board policy requires the board fill the vacancy in a “fair and expedient” manner within 30 days of the opening.

Saddler says board leaders will meet soon to start the process then notify the public that it is soliciting applications.

“Our policy also says we can ask each applicant to complete a questionnaire that’s developed by the board, or we could have each applicant appear before the board in an open session to provide a statement for answering questions and then we would make the final selection of an individual to fill that vacancy by a vote of those of us who are remaining members of the board,” Saddler says.

She says Poole – who represents the “community point of view” — will leave “big shoes that are hard to replace.”

“I really enjoy her perspective and I think that’s been one of the real values that Kim has brought.  She is a community member but she’s worked with you in this town and she knows them and loves them,” Saddler says.

Poole is currently clerk of the school board and is two years into her three-year term.

The person appointed by the board will fill out the remainder of Poole’s term, which ends October 2013.

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