Panel delves into issue of high gas prices

A group of Alaska state lawmakers delving into the issue of high gas prices are finding no quick or easy answers for trying to provide Alaskans with some relief at the pump.

The panel, led by senators, is looking for ways to address the high cost of gas and heating fuel. A meeting Wednesday in Anchorage focused primarily on gas prices. Additional meetings are planned, and lawmakers also are seeking to hire a consultant to weigh in.

The attorney general’s office has looked into the issue in recent years and found no evidence of collusion or illegal price-fixing. Ed Sniffen, a senior assistant attorney general, says finding ways to increase competition in Alaska’s gasoline market could hold the most promise for trying to bring down the high costs Alaskans pay.

Currently, gas prices in Juneau are ranging between approximately $4.20 and $4.50 according to

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