Former mall managers plead guilty to theft

By February 7, 2012Crime & Courts

A sentencing hearing is planned for early April for a Juneau couple who was charged with theft after leaving their jobs as managers of the Airport Mini-Mall and Apartments.

Cheryl Hansen, 67, and Paul Hansen, 63, changed their pleas to guilty to reduced charges of second degree theft in Juneau Superior Court on Monday.

That charge carries a maximum of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine. For first time offenders like the Hansens with an aggravating factor as a ‘most serious offense,’ the presumptive term would be two years. That prison term will likely be suspended entirely with no time to serve in prison for the couple. They may also be put on probation for three years and ordered to pay restitution which will likely be determined during the April 5th sentencing hearing. They will also be ordered to write letters of apology.

Cheryl and Paul Hansen didn’t say anything in court besides entering their pleas and answering routine questions from Juneau Superior Court Judge Louis Menendez about whether they understood the process.

Assistant District Attorney Amy Williams says owners of the Mall discovered at least $68,870 in rent deposits were missing after the Hansens left their employment in June 2010.

“The ledgers of the organization showed that beginning in about November 2009 the amounts deposited were slightly less than the amounts collected,” said Williams.

“That number increasingly grew from November 2009 through May and June 2010 when there were no deposits made at all.”

Williams says the Hansens acknowledged to officers that the deposits had not been made. They claimed they had the funds, but a search by officers of the Hansen’s belongings could not locate the money.

Cheryl Hansen said outside of the courtroom afterward that they really didn’t know how they’d pay the money back since they are on social security and disability.

The Hansens started work as managers of the Airport Mini-Mall and Apartments in 2001. She did the bookkeeping and he did the maintanence.

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