Aurora, all-comers races featured at Eaglecrest this week

Northern Lights photographed from near the top of the Eaglecrest Ski Area on Feb. 27, 2014. (Photo courtesy of Sarah Cannard, Eaglecrest Ski Area)

Northern Lights photographed from near the top of the Eaglecrest Ski Area early on the morning of Feb. 27, 2014. (Photo courtesy of Sarah Cannard, CBJ/Eaglecrest Ski Area)


Pete Boyd of the National Weather Service and Sarah Cannard of the Eaglecrest Ski Area provide a preview of weather and snowsports events in Juneau during KTOO’s Morning Edition on Friday.

Another beautiful weekend is in the forecast. It’s a good time to get to the mountains.

The annual Town Downhill is Saturday at Eaglecrest. The race is for skiers and snowboarders ages 10 and up. It’s sponsored by the Juneau Ski Club, which runs youth race programs at the city-owned ski area.

Registration is in the morning. At noon there’s course inspection. Head coach Dan Ord says that’s important for a successful run.

You need to have an idea where you’re going when you’re running a downhill. And then 1 o’clock we’re going to start the race and we’re going to keep it open for two hours. And you get two runs. So when you get your bib in the morning, we won’t run you in bib order, it’s just first come first served for your two runs and then you go.”

The race is on Hilary’s trail. Last year 75 racers participated.

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