Juneau ski team ends season in style

Jessie Gregg—Unicorn Girl 1

Hailley Jones—Unicorn Girl 2

Katelyn Reddekopp—Redneck Racer

Sally Thompson—Pippi Longstocking

Jo JO Griggs—Everything but the kitchen sink—red wig, wings, suit coat, and Xmas tree skirt as a skirt

Quincy Bates—Lady Pirate

Sabrina Jones—Pajama Girl

Gretchen Neal—Tropical Caped Wonder

Ali Hiley—Hawaiian Dreamer

Lizzi Chapman—Snazzy Lady

Brian Vandor--Captain Underpants

Sally Thompson—Pippi Longstocking

Cam Skaggs

London Madrid—Squirrel Hunter in his gilly (spelling) suit

Cody Weldon—Dinosaur. He made this costume himself.

Tyler Weldon—Hockey Man

Ronan Davies—Gladiator

Jake Marnon-Camo Man

Joe Greenough - Retro Racer

Juneau Ski Club racers, coaches, and Dr. Dan Harrah. Photo courtesy Randy Bates.

Early Saturday morning, the pond was filling with water, then it sprung a leak. Eaglecrest General Manager Matt Lillard and a crew worked to restore the bottom for Sunday's Slush cup.

Spring  brings out costumes at Eaglecrest, and on April 6 and 7, two unicorns, a dinosaur, gladiator, pirate,  hockey goalie, squirrel hunter, and a number of other strangely clad ski racers could be seen on the  mountain.  Kids ages 9 to 56 competed in the Juneau Ski Team’s Stanley Cup spring series –a  giant slalom on Saturday and Sunday’s slalom and costume race.

Juneau Ski Club racers, coaches, and Dr. Dan Harrah. Photo courtesy Randy Bates.

The  56-year-old who shows up at most Eaglecrest races is Juneau physician  Dan Harrah. Dr. Harrah is a USSA Alpine Masters racer and competes in races at Washington-state ski areas as well as Alyeska Ski Resort in Girdwood.  Juneau does not offer any masters-level  competition, so he’s often seen among  the junior racers.  As Dr. Harrah says, “You’re never too old to be young.”

Our thanks to Coach Randy Bates for the pictures.

View the race results here.