Friday, June 17, 2022: Juneau Audubon Society tree swallow research. Midsummer Night’s Dream, an outdoor adventure. Glitz, a Pride Month event.

The Juneau Audubon Society oversees about sixty tree swallow houses, which give eggs protection and hatchlings a better survival rate. These tree swallows, photographed by Jessica Millsaps, are just three days old.

Where have all the tree swallows gone? In North America, their population is about half of what it was twenty years ago.

On this Friday’s Juneau Afternoon, we’ll get an update on the Juneau Audubon Society’s research into saving tree swallows, as well as a plan to repopulate areas that have seen the most drastic decline with Alaskan swallows.

Also on this program:

  • Enjoying Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream in the outdoors.
  • Glitz: a Pride Month fundraiser, that features Juneau’s favorite kings and queens.


Andy Kline hosts Juneau Afternoon on Fridays.

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Part 1: Juneau Audubon Society gives tree swallows a helping hand with their nesting.

Guests: Brenda Wright, programs manager, Juneau Audubon Society.

The Juneau Audubon Society’s tree swallow project provides tiny houses for tree swallows to nest in, which helps to improve the fledgling survival rate. Volunteers also gather information about the birds, which have disappeared dramatically from areas east of the Mississippi.

Part 2: Theater Alaska brings outdoor magic to Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream

Guests: Cast members from Theater Alaska’s Midsummer Night’s Dream: Flordelino Langundino, Cate Ross, Joshua Midget and Adara Allen.

Juneau Dance Theatre provided the fairies for Theater Alaska’s production of Midsummer Night’s Dream (Photo courtesy of Theater Alaska). 
Kelsey Riker plays two roles in Midsummer Night’s Dream — Hippolyta and Oberon (Photo by Jeana Varney).


Theater Alaska is stretching its creativity this year by performing Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night Dream outdoors. Added in the mix: dancers from Juneau Dance Theatre, who play the role of fairies, flittering in and out of the woods. The audience is asked to bring their own chairs and move to different locations to watch various scenes from the play.

Part 3: Juneau Pride Month: Putting on the Glitz.

James Hoagland as Gigi Monroe. He isn’t performing regularly as a drag queen, but still considers himself one. (Photo courtesy James Hoagland)
Guests: Abi Spofford, SEAGLA. Gigi Monroe, Juneau Drag Queen.

Gigi Monroe, one of Juneau’s most beloved drag queens, hosts Glitz, the biggest drag show of the year. Glitz is also a fundraiser for the Southeast Alaska LGBTQ+ Alliance, also known as SEAGLA.

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