Video: Girls on the Run 5K

Girls on the Run of Greater Alaska held their spring 5K run on May 16 at Sandy Beach in Juneau, marking the end of the 12-week program.

Corey Murphy is a coach for Girls on the Run, and says it’s about a lot more than running. “Every lesson we have, we run – but we also do a different activity. We talk about self image, and we talk about bullying, and we talk about positive talk, and making friends,” she says.

“The running part doesn’t focus on being athletic or competitive, it focuses on accomplishment,” said program coordinator Julie Walker. “I think that that’s one thing that really makes this program stand out.”

Rachel Wintz is also a program coordinator. She sees a lot of progress in the girls who participate.

“It’s just great to see the girls grow and change throughout the program,” she says. “It’s amazing to see the transformations throughout the season.”

The first Girls on the Run council in the state began in Juneau, and is in the process of expanding across Alaska.

“We’re really excited to move forward and inspire girls across the state,” says Walker.


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