Front Street Community Health Center to serve all

By March 20, 2014Community, Health
As of May 1, SEARHC will not longer be operating Front Street Clinic. (Photo by Lisa Phu/KTOO)

As of May 1, SEARHC will not longer be operating Front Street Clinic. (Photo by Lisa Phu/KTOO)

Front Street Clinic will soon be open to everyone, instead of just serving individuals experiencing homelessness.

The medical, dental and mental health provider will also be renamed the Front Street Community Health Center on May 1.

Mariya Lovishchuk is president of the board taking over management of the clinic.

“If you don’t have insurance, you definitely are eligible to receive services at Front Street on a sliding fee scale. If you have insurance, you should also go to Front Street because the idea is that if we serve people of all sorts of insurances, then those who have insurance can actually support those without insurance somewhat,” Lovishchuk says.

If you’re not a current patient of Front Street Clinic, but are interested in becoming one after April 30, email

Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium currently manages Front Street Clinic, but decided last September to cut funding due to budgetary constraints. The community raised more than $120,000 to keep the clinic open until the April 30 transition.

Lovishchuk is relieved her patrons still have a place to go for health care needs; she’s also executive director of the downtown shelter and soup kitchen The Glory Hole.

“It’s really nice to say, ‘OK, let me just walk you over three blocks,’ as opposed to saying, ‘Oh yeah, go to the hospital and get a $850 bill for, you know, five minutes of being seen for whatever is wrong with you,’” Lovishchuk says.

Lovishchuk says making Front Street available to everyone is a positive addition to the community. She’s already planning to have her next physical there.

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