Juneau World Affairs Council

The Ocean’s Health: Challenges and Opportunities for Awareness and Conservation

The Juneau World Affairs Council presents “The Ocean’s Health: Challenges and Opportunities for Awareness and Conservation” with Dr. Carlos Yaipen-Llanos. Dr. Yaipen-Llanos is a marine veterinarian and founding president of the Organization for Research and Conservation of Aquatic Animals, or ORCA, in Peru. Through his work, he’s seen devastating effects on Peruvian waters and marine…


Forum@360: Signal-to-Noise

A group of artists from across the country are touring Ketchikan, Juneau, Gustavus and Sitka by ferry. Artists Nina Elder, Billy Joe Miller, Wendy Given and Jimmy Riordan are exploring the theme of signal to noise in our understanding of place, nature and community. The artists’ Tidelines Journey is sponsored by The Island Institute based…

Juneau World Affairs Council

Juneau World Affairs: Mongolia Today: Profile, Strengths and Politics

The Juneau World Affairs Council, in partnership with the Rotary Clubs of Juneau and the Open World Leadership Center, present: “Mongolia Today: Profile, Strengths, and Politics” with Mongolian Parliament member Tsogtbaatar Damdin. Mr. Tsogtbaatar is a former cabinet minister and newly-elected member of the Mongolian Parliament.His primary focus is the development of responsible, accountable, open…

Coming into the Country

A conversation about John McPhee’s 1977 classic “Coming into the Country” – a book that defined Alaska for many readers. Alaska’s Energy Desk tracked down policy makers, homesteaders, and river runners that were featured in the book to find out how Alaska has changed over the the past 40 years. A live studio audience asks…


Forum@360: The Path to Renewable Energy in Southeast

What is the future of renewable energy in Southeast Alaska? Three community stakeholders will discuss advances in technology and the challenges of powering the region’s most remote locations. We will look at models across the globe to see what’s working and how it could be adapted here.

Below the Surface: Diving Deep into the Science of Maritime Change in the Arctic

In the marine environment of Arctic Alaska, the seasonal presence (or absence) of sea ice influences everything: weather systems, food webs, migration patterns, human cultures, and resource development. Scientists from NOAA, UAF, and the U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service share findings and thoughts on 2 years of unprecedented research in the Northern Bering and Chukchi…



Tsunamis, caused by earthquakes or landslides, are a danger that affects people in coastal communities around Alaska. Large waves caused by displaced water can devastate coastlines for thousands of miles with little warning. Joel Curtis, Warning Coordination Meteorologist with the National Weather Service, speaks about the causes and response to tsunamis, and the threat they pose.

Alaska Common Ground

Young Alaskans’ Panel and Closing Remarks

Young Alaskans’ Panel Maka Monture, Indigenous Fellow at Alaska Center for the Environment Xavier Mason, President, NAACP Youth Panel Vika Morozova, President of Anchorage AYEA chapter, Alaska Youth for Environmental Action Closing Discussion: What will we do? Discussion among all panelists and audience, facilitated by moderator, Libby Roderick. Wrap up Cliff Groh, Chair Alaska Common…