Juneau World Affairs Council

Juneau World Affairs: Mongolia Today: Profile, Strengths and Politics

The Juneau World Affairs Council, in partnership with the Rotary Clubs of Juneau and the Open World Leadership Center, present: “Mongolia Today: Profile, Strengths, and Politics” with Mongolian Parliament member Tsogtbaatar Damdin. Mr. Tsogtbaatar is a former cabinet minister and newly-elected member of the Mongolian Parliament.His primary focus is the development of responsible, accountable, open…

Coming into the Country

A conversation about John McPhee’s 1977 classic “Coming into the Country” – a book that defined Alaska for many readers. Alaska’s Energy Desk tracked down policy makers, homesteaders, and river runners that were featured in the book to find out how Alaska has changed over the the past 40 years. A live studio audience asks…


Forum@360: The Path to Renewable Energy in Southeast

What is the future of renewable energy in Southeast Alaska? Three community stakeholders will discuss advances in technology and the challenges of powering the region’s most remote locations. We will look at models across the globe to see what’s working and how it could be adapted here.


Forum@360: Alaska Politics and Public Policy – Clive Thomas #401

From the state’s geography and demographics to its reliance on the oil and gas industry, Alaska is a unique state with many political contradictions. State politics have changed dramatically over the past few decades, and Clive Thomas has spent decades studying that arc. Thomas was a long-time political science faculty member at the University of…


How Tumbling Oil Prices Affect Everything in Alaska

Oil is at the heart of Alaska’s economy, and the price per barrel a leading indicator of its health. So with the price of oil crashing, what happens now? Guests include Gunnar Knapp with the University of Alaska Anchorage’s Institute for Social and Economic Research and Cliff Groh of the nonpartisan public policy organization Alaska…


Decoding the Gas Line Project

For years Alaskans have been talking about a natural gas pipeline. Now the Alaska LNG project has momentum and the state could become an owner. Guests include Larry Persily, a Federal Coordinator for an Alaska natural gas pipeline, Tim Bradner from the Alaska Journal of Commerce and Frank Ameduri from the Alaska Budget Report. Rosemarie…

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