3 found dead on boat anchored off Sandy Beach in Juneau

The Dusky Rock (left, front) at Aurora Harbor, where it was towed Friday evening. (Yvonne Krumrey/KTOO)

Juneau police say three people were found dead on the Dusky Rock, a boat that had been anchored off Sandy Beach this past week. The first body was found on Wednesday afternoon; the other two were found on Friday evening.

In a news release, police said there were no immediate signs of foul play.

Police said that on Wednesday afternoon, Erika Lee Judson, 34, called to report that she had found Curtis Edwin Anderson, 51, dead on the Dusky Rock.

Then on Friday, the release says a man called police to say that he’d found a body after going over to the Dusky Rock to check on a howling dog. The boat was towed to Aurora Harbor, where Capital City Fire/Rescue checked the boat for harmful fumes and did not find any.

After clearing the boat, authorities found Judson — the woman who reported the first death — and Amoretta Nina Nichele Wesley, 28, dead on the Dusky Rock.

In Saturday’s release, police said the deaths may have been related to drug use.

On Monday morning, police said in an email that they could not give any more information on a possible cause. They had found no issues with the boat, and they did not give details on what evidence there might be of drug use.

Police said the bodies would be sent to the Alaska Medical Examiner’s Office to be autopsied.

This story has been updated.

Yvonne Krumrey

Local News Reporter, KTOO

Juneau is built on hidden and assumed layers of power and access, influencing how we interact with identity, with the law and with each other. I bring you stories of the gaps in access to power, and those who are working to close those gaps.

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