Thursday, April 15th: Why income taxes aren’t color blind.

When it comes to the IRS, you’d think that the only color that matters is green. But research shows the federal tax system treats Whites better than Blacks.

On  this Thursday’s Juneau Afternoon, a look at the racial disparities in taxes, banking and financial investments.

Christina Michelle, from the Black Awareness Association of Juneau, is your host. She’s enlisted Adrian Duncan, a financial advisor from Compton, California, to identify some of the top mistakes he sees Black people make with their money. She also asks him about which gender handles money best, and what you can do to get your finances on track.

Adrian Duncan is a financial advisor based in Compton, California. In his work, he’s learned how the federal tax system, whether intentionally or not, discriminates against people of color (Photo courtesy of the Black Awareness Association of Juneau).


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