Champion of the Buffalo Soldiers: Shelton Johnson  

Does the name Shelton Johnson sound familiar?  Maybe you saw him in the PBS series on national parks. Ken Burns had him in every episode. He also got Oprah to go camping at Yosemite.

As an African American, Johnson is passionate about making parks accessible to all Americans, something he’ll talk about in this Friday’s Mendenhall Glacier Fireside Chat.

On Juneau Afternoon, get a preview of Johnson’s presentation on the Buffalo Soldiers, an all-Black regiment assigned to protect Yosemite National Park in the 1900’s.

A June, 1899 National Park Service photo of a group of Buffalo Soldiers  at Yosemite,  where they were assigned to protect the park, shortly after it was first created.
  • Part 1. Shelton Johnson talks about the historic reasons why African Americans don’t feel a cultural connection to America’s parks and wilderness areas — why he believes the story of the Buffalo Soldiers might change this. He also explains why he invited Oprah to Yosemite.  Other guests: Barbara Miranda and Amber Debardelaben.
  • Part 2. Winter activities at the Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area.  Guest: Barbara Miranda.
  • Part 3. The Juneau Animal Rescue’s February fundraising campaign. Guest: Samantha  Blankenship.

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