Be a part of KTOO’s new Community Connection segment on Juneau Afternoon

We are looking to you to share personal stories on how you’re spending your days, and reflections or poetry or music about life in these strange times. Recordings should be 3 minutes or less, and no politics please. Due to the segment’s popularity, we’ve created a new Community Connection page.

Here is an example from writer and retired physician Mo Longworth:

And here is an example from storyteller Tom Cosgrove:

Tom is also open to story coaching. He can be reached to

Instructions for submitting to Community Connection:

1. Find a quiet place.

2. Take smartphone out of its case. (Cases can obscure the microphones.)

3. On an iPhone, go to:
Voice Memo,
Audio Quality,
And choose “Lossless.” (On other devices, avoid MP3s or compressed files. We want “Lossless” or “Uncompressed.”)

4. Put the phone on airplane mode so no one will call in the middle of your recording.

5. Open Voice Memos, start a new recording.

6. Hold phone about 6 inches from your mouth with the bottom, where the microphones are, facing you.

7. Pivot the phone to the side at about a 45-degree angle. This will reduce the breath from plosives (like Ps and Bs) hitting the microphone.
Stop recording when done (3-minute maximum), and take phone off airplane mode.

8. Press the share icon and email to:

9. Email a one- to three-sentence self bio and a photo of yourself to and tell us how to pronounce your name.

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