Gardentalk – Why a mulch is useful for your yard and garden

SLAM trees
Landscapers for the newly-constructed Father Andrew P. Kashevaroff Library, Archives and Museum Building have staked freshly-planted trees and spread mulch around the planting area in this photo from May 2016. (Photo by Matt Miller/KTOO)

Master Gardener Ed Buyarski explains that a mulch or a non-living ground cover can inhibit weed growth, conserve moisture and provide a more aesthetically-pleasing surface than just bare soil between your trees and shrubs.

Listen to the June 13 segment about mulching:


Buyarski recommends a first layer of a heavy-duty, woven, porous landscaping fabric. That can be topped with bark, woods chips or gravel. He also uses a lot of cardboard as the first layer, which adds nutrients when it slowly breaks down into the soil after a year or two.

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