Paying Dividends, Episode 1: Making Good

When he was on the campaign trail, Alaska Gov. Michael Dunleavy promised to pay dividends of more than $6,000. And now, he’s trying to make good on that promise. But delivering on it isn’t going to be simple. On this episode of Paying Dividends, what do legislators think of Dunleavy’s promise? And will they work with him or against him?

Host Rashah McChesney talks to Andrew Kitchenman, state government and politics reporter for KTOO and Alaska Public Media. In a recent news story, Andrew said that every dollar the state pays out in permanent fund dividends is a dollar that won’t pay for government services. With Gov. Dunleavy’s newly trimmed budget anticipated next week, that math is on everyone’s mind. We also talk to Bruce Tangeman, the new commissioner of the state’s Department of Revenue.

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