Juneau-based firm to help Baranov Museum redesign its ground floor

A look into one of the museum’s exhibits. (Photo courtesy of the Baranov Museum)

A look into one of the museum’s exhibits. (Photo courtesy of the Baranov Museum)

The Baranov Museum in Kodiak Alaska is contracting with Juneau-based museum design firm ExhibitAK to help with redesigning its exhibits.

The total project cost is about $750,000, Executive Director Sarah Harrington said, and the museum will kick off a capital campaign in mid-October.

Harrington said staff reached out for public input when they began the process in 2012.

“What we found is we had a lot of feedback based on the fact that our current exhibits were not very connected, and they weren’t self-guided in any kind of way.”

people expressed a desire for a more cohesive narrative to link the different exhibits together, she said, and the redesign will include that change.

“It will actually increase the number of objects that we’ll have on display,” she said. “We’ll be able to bring quite a few more objects down out of the collections storage and put them on display while trying to loop everything into more of a connected story.”

They’ll also expand the scope of the exhibit.

“Right now, we’re focused on really the Russian history, colonization, the early American period, and then whatever the current temporary exhibit is featuring, but this one will help us draw more attention to the fisheries, to all of the diverse communities that make up Kodiak’s community tapestry.”

Harrington said replace their exhibit cases and install some fake walls to help guide traffic through the museum.


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