Lemon Creek correctional officer’s family shaken up by drive-by shooting

A drive-by shooting occurred at a Juneau couple’s home early Thursday morning near Point Lena Loop Road. No one was hurt, but an item close to the home was struck. It has left the family shaken up, and wondering if it may be a form of intimidation.

Brian Weed received a panicked phone call from his wife while he was working at Lemon Creek Correctional Center and immediately dialed emergency dispatch.

He says his spouse, Mareta Bates Weed, was too shook up to comment, and he feels like the night shift patrol dropped the ball.

When Juneau police did arrive, they searched the area but didn’t check in on Weed’s wife or take evidence photos.

“Didn’t do what they were supposed to,” he said. “This would have been nice being a correctional officer. You know, you get death threats from inmates often. They threaten to hurt your family and stuff and as a fellow law enforcement officer and I’m stuck at work, it really would have been nice if they would have supported my family.”

Lt. David Campbell says an officer followed up Thursday afternoon after Weed complained on Facebook about the response.

“In talking to the sergeant who went out and talked to the homeowner, we did have a report of a white Jeep in the area that was driving erratically,” Campbell said. He couldn’t confirm it was related to the gunshots.


But Weed is concerned that, several hours after the crime, any evidence was washed away by the morning rain. He’s offering a cash reward to anyone who can identify the suspect.

“I’d be willing to give several hundred dollars to whoever else was in that vehicle who knows who pulled that trigger at my house.”

Weed intends to turn that information over to the cops. Juneau police are conducting their own investigation.

Editor’s Note: The Facebook complaint to police response was made in the comments section of the post.

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