Animal Control and JPD investigate dog shooting

Juneau Animal Control vehicles
Juneau Animal Control is investigating the shooting death of a dog Friday at a North Douglas Highway residence. (Photo by Casey Kelly/KTOO)

A dog was shot and killed at a North Douglas Highway residence on Friday.

Juneau Animal Control and Protection received a call about 5:20 p.m. that several aggressive dogs were on a resident’s property in the 5400 block. When officers arrived, they found a dog had died of an apparent gunshot wound.

Animal Control did not release information about the incident until Monday afternoon. Officer Ben Peyerk says Juneau police also were on scene.

“JPD is investigating the use of a firearm within the city limits,” Peyerk says. “But Animal Control is still investigating and working on their report for the issue with the animal being killed and the animals being at large.”

Peyerk says the caller was concerned about the safety of people and other dogs in the area. No one was injured and there was no explanation of the caller’s definition of aggressive behavior.

None of the dogs had collars and identification tags, but Peyerk says officers were able to find their owners.

He says the dog that was shot was a mixed breed of Lab, German shepherd and rottweiler. He reminds pet owners to keep their animals confined to their own property.

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