Boat tips over at low tide, takes on water at high tide

By August 12, 2014Community
The Pacific Queen partially sank on August 12. (Photo Courtesy Scott Simonson)

The Pacific Queen tipped over in Harris Harbor on Tuesday. (Photo courtesy Scott Simonson)

The Pacific Queen tipped over in Harris Harbor early this morning. Larry Coleman, a 67-year-old retired logger originally from Petersburg, owns and lives aboard the 63-foot ocean dragger.

Coleman says he put the boat up on the grid yesterday for routine maintenance. Around 4 a.m. today, he was thrown out of bed–the boat had slipped off the grid during low tide and fell on its side.

“As the tide went out, it just started snapping the ropes,” Coleman says.

The boat sustained a minor hole and a small amount of diesel spilled, according to the Coast Guard.

Coleman and a group of friends were able to right the boat using flotation bags and styrofoam logs, among other things. But the boat flooded during high tide.

The interior is now “like a swimming pool,” Coleman says.

The water destroyed a deep freezer, two guitars, a flat screen TV, and other possessions, Coleman says.

He lives in Douglas Harbor and has lived in the boat for about 14 years. He built a house on it about 10 years ago and hopes to salvage it.

Juneau Docks and Harbor oversaw the situation and the Coast Guard managed the diesel spill.

Lisa Phu contributed to this report.

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