Garbage bear shot after attacking dog

By June 6, 2014Outdoors

Last Friday, a black bear nosing through garbage in the Kodzoff Acres trailer park jumped on a dog after the owner tried to scare it away. The owner shot and killed the bear.

Alaska State Troopers and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game say unsecured garbage cans attracted the bear to the neighborhood. No one was cited for the garbage violation.

The Juneau Police Department was contacted by the resident who reported he had shot the bear after it had attacked his dog. The dog was not injured.

Stephanie Sell, a Fish and Game biologist, says a bear was reported in the area in the past few weeks, though it’s not clear if it’s the same one.

When a bear is killed in defense of life and property, the meat, hide and skull have to be turned over to the state.

The meat was donated to the Salvation Army, Sell says. The skull will be used for educational purposes. It’s not clear if the hide is salvageable.

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