Alaska students hold silent Capitol demonstration

A pack of 18 youths walked the halls of the state Capitol on Wednesday in a silent demonstration asking for more education funding.

Most of the legislators, staffers and lobbyists they encountered in the narrow hallways and stairwells made way, watched for a few moments, and then went back to business as usual.

The youths held signs that said, “WE ARE THE FUTURE” and “BSA 400-125-125.”

“BSA” means “base student allocation.” It’s the $5,680 the state of Alaska annually pays public schools per pupil, plus or minus a number of adjustments.

Bridget Galvin, a junior at Steller Secondary School in Anchorage, organized the demonstration.

“I took a few days to come down here and talk with different legislators and make sure students have a voice in this issue,” Galvin said.

Galvin and the group she founded, Students With a Voice, want the BSA to increase by $400 this year, followed by two annual increases of $125.

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