Spot Check: Behind the scenes at Wearable Art


Wearable Art is the biggest, most over-the-top arts and culture event happening in Juneau. The annual fundraiser and fashion show is the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council’s best attended event with more than 1,600 guests at the Saturday and Sunday shows. In its fourteenth year, Juneau pulled out all the stops, possibly making the 2014 event the greatest Wearable Art Extravaganza ever. So naturally, we were delighted to put on our best heels and swing backstage to meet the artists and models bringing it to life.

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By 6:30 Kathy Karshner was adorning her models April Mayheim and Amber Leach with zip ties for Tie Me Up. The performance felt very Black Swan onstage. Kathy’s outfits would have definitely made Natalie Portman proud.


Here’s Laraulye Miko getting her model Amy George ready to win Saturday night’s #2 People’s Choice award for Tech-eggcolor Par-eggdise. Amy’s looking pretty Fierce .


Model Nicole Skeek gets ready to pop it like it’s hot – (just kidding), but her outfit is titled Poptabulous by Jessica Hood and Amy Romne. The dress, and an additional one worn by Jordon Cottingham, was made from over 20,000 aluminum can tabs. We’re guesstimating they didn’t really drink that many, but we’re having fun imagining all the parties and canned beverages.


Mackenzie Merrill and Kat Palmer were Chromatic Schematic! Though they didn’t make the top 3, they were still our favorites.


Backstage Director Carl Brodersen was looking super official with his headset and clipboard. We’d definitely be ok with letting him order us around.

Here’s artist Kathryn Grant Griffin making a statement with her felted wool eyeball dress. It made the audience feel like somebody was watching



We found this lady hanging out in the loading dock. To our surprise her name was actually James, and James Hoagland was AH-MAZ-ING. Bonus points for his song reference to Willy Wonka. Pure Imagination finished #2 on Sunday night.


This chick looks like she wants to rock. Erin Lawrence wearing Airless Translucency with help from Julie Moe.


We could have made a lot of green eye mask jokes here (Green Lantern, Green Goblin, Robin, Poison Ivy…) but humor aside Public Health Message made a very serious fashion statement promoting safe sex through their outfits made from condoms, syringes, and other medical supplies.

Here’s artist Beth Geiger after performing what we like to call a “tango explosion.” The detail on her dress was just as impressive as her dance moves. We then asked her about her yoga regimen.

And check out these hotpants! Here’s Wearable Art Set Design & Creative Director Jason Clifton. We’d be rocking those pants too if we’d just won 3 national interior design awards in addition to transforming Centennial Hall into the Technicolor dream it was. Jason and Jeremy Bauer of Bauer Clifton Interiors did a great job setting the scene.


Dana Hernandez looking fabulous. She helped hosts Andy Kline and Shona Strauser look great by custom tailoring their outfits. Here she’s helping them transition into their second outfits of the evening.



Here’s DJ Manu pumping up the jamz. His musical landscapes really made us feel like we were sitting next to uber famous celebrities at New York fashion week. “What’s that Kanye, you don’t like the neckline of that dress?”


Amy Dresel looking superfly with her 35mm film afro. Stay groovy Amy!

Until next year – thanks Juneau.


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