JPD officer in training credited with saving local woman’s life

By September 10, 2013Crime & Courts

A Juneau police officer in training is being credited with saving a local woman’s life.

Police received 911 calls Monday night around 11:40 about a 50-year-old Juneau woman having difficulty breathing at the Alaskan Hotel.

Police spokesman Lt. David Campbell said officer James Dooley and his field trainer were notified within seconds.

When they arrived, the woman’s husband was attempting CPR on the bed – that’s bad for delivering compressions. Dooley put her on the floor and took over until Capital City Fire and Rescue medics arrived. They eventually got a pulse.

One medic gave Dooley credit for saving the woman’s life, Campbell said.

“One of the reasons why they were able to transport the lady, and she didn’t, you know, pass away because of her medical issues, was partially due to the quick actions of officer Dooley,” Campbell said.

She was taken to Bartlett Regional Hospital initially and flown to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle Tuesday morning.

Campbell said he cannot release additional identifying information about the woman because of health privacy laws.

A hotel clerk said the couple lives at the hotel.

Tuesday is Dooley’s last night in field training. He’ll begin working on his own next week.

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