Be proud Alaska, America thinks we’re underrated

By August 20, 2013Community
Welcome to Alaska Sign on the Klondike Highway

Welcome to Alaska…the most underrated state in the country. (Photo by Michael Grosch/ Flickr Creative Commons)

This morning Business Insider published the results from a series of questions on how Americans think of other states. More than 1,600 respondents were asked to answer each question with a state that wasn’t their own.

Results were displayed in a color scale so it’s a little tricky determining just how many votes Alaska got for each question. The percentage was only displayed for the winning state in each category.

So how did we do?

Alaska was named the most underrated state in a close race with Oregon and Maine. However, Alaska was voted as having the worst food.

Alaska picked up votes in other categories including having the best scenery, being the nicest,  being ugly and having the worst sports fans. Alaska was also three shades of grey away from being voted the drunkest state. (Louisiana won that vote.)

On the other hand California was voted the craziest state and Texas was voted as the least favorite state and the state most people would like to see kicked out of America.

See the full set of maps displaying the results.

(h/t Kelsey Proud)

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