Grizzly Bear Trappin’ with Baked Alaska

By August 20, 2013KXLL, KXLL Tune In

When you click play on your first Baked Alaska video you’re not sure what you’re watching. Is this real or is this a joke? It seems like a joke, but his raps are kinda good. This video has really high production value, this must be one expensive joke…But it’s not.

“Baked” has secured more than 6,000 Twitter followers, a Sunday feature in the Anchorage Daily News and 35,000 combined Youtube views. Not bad for an unsigned, not-sure-if-he’s-joking-or-not rapper. Now living in LA, the Alaskan hip hop sensation filmed several music videos on a recent trip back to his old stomping grounds of Kenai and Anchorage. His latest video “Grizzly Bear Trappin” released yesterday and has nearly 1,500 views.

Is he gangster? Judge for yourself. The KXLL interview is coming soon.

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