What are Alaskans watching on YouTube?

By May 7, 2013Community

Alaska often gets left out of maps of trends in the United States. The clean cluster of the contiguous states fit perfectly in maps of trends in the U.S. The presence of Alaska and Hawaii is often determined by the impact of the data to be displayed or the thoroughness of the graphic artist making the map. Sometimes, we’re left out because not enough information is available for the nation’s largest state.

But when it comes to watching YouTube, Alaska makes it on the map.

Google has built a visualization of YouTube trends, where you can see what YouTube videos are the most popular in a region.

The tool’s information page says that the dashboard is an experiment in visualizing YouTube data. The map displays the most shared or viewed videos from the last 12-24 hours.

Information is available for Alaska’s three largest cities.

So what are Alaskans watching?

In Anchorage the most shared video is the “True Blood Season 6 Trailer”

Fairbanksans are into music videos today with “Queens of the Stone Age – I Appear Missing”

Juneau is sharing the “Young Woman Being Arrested for Nothing” video from the story about the Alaska State Trooper investigation.

You can sort the information for views or shares and by age groups below the map. A list of videos on the right also show the most popular videos overall. A more comprehensive dashboard is also included, yet Alaska cities are absent from those lists.

The FAQ notes the tool is just getting started and with the nature of YouTube in mind answers another important question:

Why is ____ video so popular with 13-17 year old females?

No one will ever know…


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