Meteor explodes over Russia

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Rare meteor explodes over Russia

Early Friday monring a meteor estimated to be about 10 tons, entered the Earth’s atmosphere and disintegrated over Russia’s Ural mountains. The event was well documented by dashboard cameras.

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Update: More details are coming in about the meteor’s size and explosion.
Russian Meteor Largest in Century: Scientific AmericanThe explosion rivaled a nuclear blast, but the space rock was still too small for existing advance-warning networks to spot Image: YouTub…
Following this morning’s explosion and in light of today’s near pass of asteroid 2012 DA14, The House Science, Space and Technology committee will meet to discuss options to defend Earth against potentially catastrophic space objects. 
Congress to Investigate Meteor Defense Methods Following Russian BlastCan anything be done to prevent a space rock from causing massive damage to Earth? Congress is about to find out.
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Meteorite crash in Russia: Video of meteorite explosion that stirred panic in Urals regionrussiatoday
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This video captures just how loud the explosion was. You can also hear glass shattering as car alarms go off.
Взрыв Челябинск82apx
GIF of the Russian meteor Klapper
According to the Associated Press, the Russian Academy of Sciences estimated the meteor was traveling nearly 33,000 mph hour when it broke apart roughly 20 to 30 miles above the ground. The energy released from the explosion caused damage to hundreds of buildings. The AP reports that a Russian health official has said nearly 1,000 people have sought treatment for resulting injuries.
Russian Meteor 2013Latest2013
BREAKING: Huge Meteor Explodes Over RussiaApparently, at about 09:30 local time, a very big meteor burned up over Chelyabinsk, a city in Russia just east of the Ural mountains, an…
APTOPIX Russia MeteoriteEl Mundo, Economía y Negocios
The intense and rare event has many speculating about a link to today’s expected fly by from an asteroid. However, NASA says the two events are not connected.
Scientists say Russian meteorite unrelated to asteroid 2012 DA14: on very different paths. DA14 misses us today.
@kayfleet1991 No – there’s no chance of asteroid #2012DA14 hitting the Earth. Learn more:
‘No Link’ Between Meteor That Hurt Hundreds And Asteroid About To Fly By News
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Hole in the ice at Chebarkul Lake, 72 km from Chelyabinsk, following meteor strike
RT @TwistedSifter: Awesome capture of the meteor that struck Russia this morning mathieu
Russian meteor will teach us about future bigger hits – space – 15 February 2013 – New ScientistYou wait years for a space rock and then two come along at once. Just hours before an asteroid is due to almost graze Earth, a meteor has…
Meteor events like this morning’s are fairly rare. The last comparable event was in 2008 when a meteor exploded over Sudan.
Meteor Explodes Over Sudan – Right On Schedule | Wired Science | Wired.comAn explosion equal to more than a kiloton of TNT rocked the sky over a remote part of northern Sudan late Monday night, ending a 20-hour …
The Guardian has put together a map of where scientists have recorded meteor impacts around the world.
Every meteorite fall on earth mappedOr at least those we know about. And where are the known meteorite landing places on earth? These impact zones show where scientists have…
However, there is still one question on many people’s minds.
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