Bears of the Last Frontier – Part 3

By January 14, 2013360 North Tune In

–  Wednesdays at 8:00 pm  –    In episode three, Chris Morgan travels to the far north of Alaska, to the North Slope village of Kaktovik. It’s early November and winter is coming on. But each year, the polar bears struggle for extended periods on dwindling fat reserves, waiting for the opportunity to hunt on sea ice that takes longer to freeze. In early spring, Morgan joins local hunters in Barrow, the northernmost city in Alaska, as they go out on their own hunts, facing some of the same challenges as the bears. In late spring, Morgan travels to the North Slope of the Brooks Range, where countless thousands of caribou cover the ground for miles. The grizzlies are waiting for them, as they have for thousands of years.

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Bears of the Last Frontier – Part 3

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