School district reviewing security procedures

Visitors to Juneau schools should expect a little tighter security.

The recent horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut has prompted a look at security at each of the 12 school buildings in the district.

District officials have been reviewing emergency preparedness plans for a variety of emergency situations.

Superintendent Glenn Gelbrich says each school will be more diligent about asking visitors to sign in.

“You know in our community where lots and lots or people know one another, sometimes people are a little perturbed by being asked to sign in, especially by someone they know really well, but we’re going to tighten that up,” he says.

Anybody who goes into a Juneau school building, including staff from the central office and other schools, should expect to sign in.

Gelbrich says school visitors — “whether they’re volunteers,or moms and dads, or central office staff, or custodians” —  should expect to wear a badge that indicates they are visitors.

“Just so people are readily identifiable,” he says.

Juneau schools regularly work with police and fire officers on everything from fire drills to being wary of strangers.  And Gelbrich says this week kids and teachers are going through various drills and having conversations about safety procedures.

District officials and administrators from individual schools also are reaching out to parents.  The school district website includes information on school safety and helping children cope with violence and tragedy.


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