Gas spill from fuel barge leaves sheen

By September 13, 2012Outdoors

An Alaska spokesman says a gasoline spill from a fuel barge being transported near the southeast Alaska community of Hoonah has caused a sheen in the water.

Environmental Conservation Department spokesman Ty Keltner said the crew of a tug transporting the Kirby Offshore Marine barge Leo noticed the sheen Wednesday. They traced it to a 2-inch fracture between the bulkhead of a raised cargo tank and the barge deck.

It’s not known how much gasoline spilled. The affected tank contained more than 340,000 gallons. Keltner says a temporary seal was put on the fracture and a small quantity of fuel still leaking is being contained on the barge deck. The spokesman says Kirby is developing a plan to transfer fuel from the affected tank to another tank on the barge.

Keltner says while a rainbow sheen has been reported at nearby Port Frederick, there have been no reports of impacts to wildlife or the shoreline.

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