Update: UAS issues security alert for man allegedly making threats

By September 12, 2012Crime & Courts, Education
William Wardell. (Photo from UAS Campus Security Alert)

William Warden. (Photo from UAS Campus Security Alert)

Update – 10:25 a.m.:

UAS Vice Chancellor Joe Nelson said that Warden made threatening phone calls to staffers on Monday.

“It’s just an allegation at this point, but it was enough to rise to the level of security alert,” Nelson said.

“It was over the phone and of a nature enough that it caused us some concern and we need to stay on the safe side rather than be sorry,” Nelson said.

Warden, originally from Sitka, lives in Juneau and is a part-time student taking distance education classes.

Nelson said Warden was contacted by police at noon yesterday and was banned from campus. The security alert was then sent to UAS staff and later to students.

Nelson said that alerts like this are very rare.

“In my 8 years here I don’t think we’ve had anything of this nature that got to this level,” Nelson said.

Warden’s actions have triggered the UAS judicial process.

“He’s going to have the opportunity to have a hearing and go through the judicial process under our code of conduct and it may or may not result in a suspension or expulsion,” Nelson said.

The security alert and directions for students and staff to call 911 if they see Warden on campus will stand until the hearing concludes.

Original Story – 9:23 a.m.:

UAS officials emailed a security alert to students yesterday evening warning students to be on the look out for William Warden.

Warden has been temporarily banned from campus and university buildings for allegedly making threats.

Students are instructed to call 911 if they see Warden on campus.

According to the alert, campus officials and the Juneau Police have notified Warden to stay off campus and is “not aware of any reason to refrain from normal activity at this time.”

The email instructs people to call the campus at 796-6461 with specific concerns.

This is an ongoing story, check back here for updates.

Alert issued by UAS.


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