School Summit: JSD report card

The Juneau School District is holding its annual School Summit Thursday evening.

Billed as a report card to the public, school administrators will explain the school district vision, the strategic plan, academic progress as well as indicators of success.

“These are measurements the board of education has put in place to provide accountability for different means of measuring progress,” says Kristin Bartlett, district spokeswoman.

Bartlett says the board is using seven so-called indicators of success, with the primary focus on achievement, then professional development, which is support for school district staff.

“One of the other indicators will be attendance for both students and staff members, graduation rate, core standards, resource allocation and then school readiness, meaning how ready are young children when they enter our school district and what can we do as a community to help support families and getting their children ready for school,” Bartlett says.

But the summit isn’t all a list. Bartlett says parents and community members should bring questions and observations, because they’ll have a chance to talk with principals of individual schools.

One session will focus on a district improvement plan to increase student achievement.

The 3rd annual School Summit runs from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday, in the Thunder Mountain High School auditorium.

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