Parnell reiterates pitch for lower oil taxes

Gov. Sean Parnell took to social media Tuesday to reiterate his call for lower oil production taxes.

In a post on Facebook, Parnell cited low oil flow through the trans-Alaska pipeline. He writes that production totaled 430,457 barrels per day last month and 472,424 barrels per day in July 2011. Parnell says the administration plan to reverse the trend is to “ease up on taxes when oil prices are in the higher ranges,” and attract investors back.

While there has been a trend of declining North Slope oil production, the flow of oil is generally lower during summer months as oil companies and the pipeline’s operator do maintenance.

Average flow so far this year has been 560,320 barrels per day.

A Parnell spokeswoman said the administration could use numbers from other months and they would show a year-over-year drop as well.

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