Below-average temps seen in Alaska cities

By August 6, 2012Outdoors

Alaska’s three largest cities saw below-normal temperatures in July.

The National Weather Service says the average monthly temperature for Fairbanks was 60.8 degrees, 1.7 degrees below average. In Anchorage, it was 55.5 degrees, 3.3 degrees below average. In Juneau the average monthly temperature was 54.9 degrees, down 2 degrees from average.

It was also wet. Meteorologist Dan Peterson says Anchorage, for example, got 2.14 inches of rain last month. That’s 1.96 inches above average.

Peterson says he’d love to say the weather’s going to change but that doesn’t appear to be the case. He says there might be a couple nicer days here and there, before it’s back to the same pattern that’s played out this summer.

The track of the jet stream is blamed for the wet, cool conditions.

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