New trash carts don’t pass the bear-proof test

By June 28, 2012Outdoors

Yesterday morning Juneau police responded to a call on Mountainside Drive where a resident had reported a bear in the neighbor’s trash.

The responding patrol officer used a bean bag round to chase the bear off, however the sow returned shortly after to retrieve her cubs.

Bob Dilley, a Community Services Officer, said the homeowner thought the new trash cart  was bear proof and left it outside.

Dilley said the department has received a number of complaints about the new containers being left out and attracting bears. There have been reports of bears getting into the carts around Mountainside Drive, Bartlett Hospital, Mendenhall Loop Road and Douglas.

“People are thinking the containers are bear proof containers and they’re not,” Dilley said.

He said it’s important that people realize the new containers don’t meet the requirements for being bear proof.

Not keeping garbage locked away until pick up can cause result in fines if the trash attracts bears. Fines start at $50.

Juneau law requires that garbage not be put out earlier than 4 a.m. on pick up day. Other than pick-up day, trash must be kept in a bear resistant container. According to the rules “if it can be opened by stomping on it, kicking it, running into it with your body, or other similar action, it is not bear resistant.

Arrow’s website states the containers are not bear proof but have gravity locking lids that reduce the likelihood of bear issues.

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