Arrow Refuse rolls out new garbage and recyling carts

By May 21, 2012Community, Syndicated

Sen. Dennis Egan wheels a new recycling cart to Mayor Bruce Botelho and his wife, Lupita Alvarez. Photo by Heather Bryant.

Juneau’s first curbside recycling cart was delivered Monday to Mayor Bruce Botelho by Sen. Dennis Egan.

“Senator, you go ahead and grab it and just wheel wherever the mayor wants it,” said Arrow Refuse General Manager Jeff Riley. He set up the ceremonial delivery as the company this week delivers truckloads of new roll-cart garbage and recycling cans. The new service begins next month.

It will take about two weeks before all users have their new containers. The roll carts are compatible with Arrow’s new fleet of garbage trucks, which use a mechanical arm to pick up and dump the trash containers.

When the roll-cart service starts, Riley says Arrow will no longer collect garbage from traditional cans. Customers will rent the roll cart for $2.75 a month, or $2.95, depending on the size of can.

Curbside recycling will be offered every two weeks at a cost of $3.11 a month, with the 96-gallon roll cart. Paper, cardboard, metal cans and plastic containers will be accepted, but not glass or hardbound books.

Here’s an example of how the recycling schedule will work, based on Sen. Egan’s trash pick-up day of Tuesday.

“So normal refuse is Tuesday then recycle is Wednesday, or every other Wednesday?” Egan asked.

“Correct,” Riley said, “because we want the pick-up day separate.”

New trucks use a mechanical arm to lift the cans. Photo by Heather Bryant.

Cards will be attached to each can that is delivered. A green sticker will note the day garbage and recycling will be picked up.

Arrow Refuse also begins charging the new rates next month.

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