Tsunami ghost ship in Alaska waters

Ryou-un Maru

Vessel Ryou-un Maru as it enters U.S. waters on March 31, 2012. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Air Station Kodiak.

The Coast Guard is continuing to track that fishing boat that was cast out to sea from last year’s earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Chief Petty Officer Janelle Webster at the command center in Juneau says the derelict vessel is now about 170 miles west of Dall Island, or the southwest corner of Prince of Wales Island. Webster says a C-130 aircraft did an overflight Saturday and Monday. Another flight may be conducted Tuesday to check on the condition of the vessel, named the Ryou-un Maru and believed between 150- and 180-feet long.

A notice to mariners has been issued for any other traffic in the area to be aware of the unmanned ghost ship which has no operating lights.

Video of data marker buoy drop near the Ryou-un Maru

Debris from the tsunami, such as oyster buoys, have already been reported ashore along the southern coast of Alaska. So far, this is the first and only ship that’s been spotted cast adrift across the Pacific Ocean.

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