Homeless survey to be done in April

The Juneau Homeless Coalition has joined the national 100,000 Homes campaign to help connect Juneau’s homeless to permanent homes.

Coalition Director Scott Ciambor says membership in the national campaign has been made possible by an Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority grant to the Glory Hole to hire an outreach advocate. That person will organize and conduct a survey of Juneau’s homeless in April.

Chambior updated the CBJ Assembly Human Resources Committee on the project Monday night. He says the survey is similar to Project Homeless Connect conducted last month, where homeless people are linked to services they need.

“There could be resources that we already have that we simply need to plug them into, but nobody’s going out and asking them, and that’s kind of this new model,” Ciambor says. “You know we do have a continuum of care, we do have services available, but the prerequisite is that the homeless folks know about them and utilize them.”

One-hundred fourteen U.S. cities have joined the national campaign, which has a goal of finding permanent homes for 100,000 of the country’s most vulnerable homeless individuals and families by July 2013.

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