Assembly to finalize capital budget funding requests

Two-million dollars for an Adolescent Mental Health Facility at Bartlett Regional Hospital; 3.1 million for Snow Removal Equipment storage at Juneau Airport; and 2-million for an Aurora Harbor rebuild.

Those are just some of the projects under consideration by the Juneau Assembly for its annual list of state funding requests. City Manager Rod Swope compiled the draft list, which the Assembly Finance Committee will discuss tomorrow (Wednesday).

For the third year in a row, Swope is recommending the assembly ask for 1.3 million dollars to replace the Centennial Hall roof. The legislature has funded the project in the last two capital budgets, but Governor Sean Parnell vetoed it both times. According to an assessment, the 25-years-old roof was in need of immediate replacement in 2009.

The Aurora Harbor rebuild is the only project on the list included in the Governor’s capital budget proposal.

In addition, Swope is recommending the city lobby state officials to fund a proposed extension of North Douglas Highway with a grant to the CBJ. The grant would come from the Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development. Swope says that would “facilitate flexibility in use of the money” and remove some federal restrictions that would be required if the project is funded through the Department of Transportation.

The Finance Committee meets Wednesday at 5 o’ clock in assembly chambers.

Draft List of Potential State Funding Requests (source: City and Borough of Juneau, City Manager’s Office)

Bartlett Regional Hospital Child and Adolescent Mental Health Facility ($2 million): Provide partial funding for 12 inpatient beds that could provide mental health evaluation and treatment and one to 14-day detoxification for youth with chemical dependency problems. This is a $20 million project. BRH is providing $5 million in matching funds.

Airport Snow Removal Equipment Facility ($3.1 million): Provide partial funding for construction of a snow removal equipment building and airport lighting controls for a new maintenance/storage building. The total project cost is $23.7 million. The Federal Aviation Administration will fund 73% of the total cost and requires a 5% local match.

CBJ Snow Storage Facilities ($2 million): Provide partial funding for construction of snow storage and disposal facilities. As a result of more stringent Environmental Protection Agency/Department of Environmental Conservation regulations discouraging the disposal of snow into marine waters, the CBJ is developing alternative locations for snow storage and disposal. The Juneau Douglas Treatment Plant is being redesigned to allow for storage of snow, as well as a retention pond to capture contaminants from the snow melt. A potential site is located on US Forest Service land near the Mendenhall Glacier. The site is currently going through an environmental assessment review, and if approved would be developed to meet state and federal requirements for snow storage and disposal.

CBJ Chemical Shed ($1.5 million): Provide funding for construction of a chemical storage building. The CBJ has funded the first four phases of a new Public Works facility in Lemon Creek. The fifth phase requires construction of a building to house the dry chemicals that are used on the streets to melt snow and ice.

Centennial Hall Roof Replacement ($1.3 million): Replace the 25-year-old roof on Centennial Hall. In 2009, a roof condition assessment was done and determined the roof is in immediate need of replacement. A new roof, if funded, would be constructed to significantly improve the energy efficiency and R-value of the facility.

Aurora Harbor Rebuild ($2 million): Replace existing moorage facility and harbormaster building, both of which are beyond their design life. The total project cost is $20 million.

Statter Harbor Haul-out Ramp ($1.8 million): Remove and replace existing launch ramp with a haul-out/kayak ramp and boarding float.

Fire Department Mobile Data Terminals ($66,000): Install mobile data terminals in first response fire department apparatus. This would provide dispatch information in real time to responding vehicles and would improve response times, reduce radio traffic to the dispatch center, provide pre-incident plans and maps in the apparatus. The 911 surcharge fund can be used to provide a $5,000 match.

Fire Department Communications Replacement ($375,000): Replace the 911 emergency paging systems in the Juneau, Glacier and Auke Bay fire stations. These systems are beginning to have problems and are beyond their service life. One system no longer has parts available. These systems notify responders in the fire stations of an incoming 911 call.

Police Department Dispatch Software ($122,000): Replace the current outdated dispatch software with an updated system. Acquisition and installation of a new software system would eliminate redundancy, improve accuracy and response times, allow for more detailed documentation, and improve our retention rate for dispatchers.

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