Former bank officer serving nearly three years in prison for theft

A former assistant bank manager has been sentenced in federal court to 33 months in prison for stealing money from a Juneau bank, the Mendenhall branch of Keybank.

Antonietta “Ann” Robinson, 44, of the Philippines, was sentenced Tuesday by U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Burgess in Anchorage. The court also ordered her to pay restitution for the total amount stolen and serve five years of supervised release.

Assistant U. S. Attorney Aunnie Steward, who prosecuted the case, said Robinson stole $300,000 by falsifying bank paperwork over a period of four years. According to filings made by prosecutors, they also say that Robinson bullied, cajoled, and manipulated her fellow Filipino employees into not verifying vault balances and to cut tape from the bank’s security cameras. She used the $300,000 for a new house in the Phillipines and designer brand goods.

Ultimately, Robinson was fired in 2006 for fraudulently opening up customer accounts to get credit for new accounts opened. The following day she withdrew $150,000 from her personal account and fled to the Phillipines.

The new incoming assistant branch manager did an audit, discovered the thefts, and fired the head teller under Robinson for not properly verifying vault balances.

Robinson was extradited in June of this year and pled guilty to the charges.

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