Killer whales use listening skills for nighttime hunts

By November 4, 2011Science & Tech

Researchers recently attached recording devices to killers whales in Southeast Alaska which revealed clues about how they search out prey and when they prefer to feed. This story is an encore of an interview done in 2007.

Killer whale leaps on top of a fur seal during the initial stage of an attack out west (not part of DTAG project) - Photo by Dave Ellifrit courtesy of Marine Mammal Research Consortium

Here’s Dr. Volker Deecke’s initial Marine Mammal Research Consortium blog entry on DTAG research, and part 1 and part 2 of follow-up entries

Killer whale with DTAG on back - Photo by Filipa Samarra courtesy of the Marine Mammal Research Consortium

Dr. Volker Deecke’s latest paper

A BBC story done recently on research of killer whale vocalizations

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