New date for Hoonah case

By October 11, 2011Crime & Courts

The trial of a Hoonah man accused of shooting and killing two police officers has been officially moved until the end of January.

The judge in the case earlier wanted another opinion on whether John Marvin, Jr. is competent to stand trial, and he had already signaled his intention to postpone trial in case. It was previously scheduled to start next Monday, October 17.

After a hearing last month, Sitka Superior Court Judge David George said he wanted an additional opinion on Marvin’s competency. But his selected psychologist won’t be able to do an evaluation until later this month at the earliest.

A new competency hearing has been set for January 6, just a few weeks before the start of trial on January 30, 2012.

Marvin, now 46-years old, is being charged with murder and weapons misconduct in connection with the shooting of Hoonah officers Tony Wallace and Matt Tokuoka. The incident on August 28th of last year allegedly included Marvin holding officers at bay and refusing to surrender until a day after the shooting.

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