Hoonah election results

Hoonah voters have elected Seferino “Nino” Villarreal to serve as mayor for the next three years. He was the top voter getter in Tuesday’s municipal election in a four-way race.

Here are the results of the election as provided by Hoonah City Clerk Alice Williams:

Seferino “Nino” Villarreal, 231 votes
D. Joyce Skaflestad, 62
Ed Phillips, 50
Warren Sean Sheakely, 7

City Council, the top two vote-getters each serve a three-year term:
Mary Erickson, 195 votes
Hope Anderson, 124
Harry Sharclane, 92
Royal Tanohill, Sr., 87

City Council, the top vote-getter serves a one-year term:
Chris Erickson, 141 votes
Johanna Dybdahl, 121
Alf Skaflestad, 71

Incumbents Robert Hutton and Sandy Howard were unopposed as they ran for another 3-year term on the School Board.

Richard Jennings was also unopposed for a one-year term.

Gordon Greenwald was also unopposed for a three-year term on the liquor board.

Hoonah City Clerk Alice Williams says 366 people turned out to vote Tuesday at City Hall, which she says is a “good” turnout. She recalls that the total number of registered voters as approximately 640, which would put the turnout of registered voters on Tuesday as well over 50-percent.

The Canvas Board was expected to meet Thursday afternoon to certify the election. Williams says newly elected officials will be sworn-in on Monday. The next City Council meeting is Tuesday evening.

Gustavus City officials say they’ll release the results of their municipal election after absentee and questioned are counted Friday evening.

Juneau election officials were to begin counting absentee and questioned ballots at city hall on Friday. Those ballots will be important in settling the race for the areawide Assembly seat. Carlton Smith leads Loren Jones by 53 votes.

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