Statewide energy conference held in Juneau

Alaska’s seventh annual Rural Energy Conference takes place this week in Juneau.

The three-day event includes technical workshops on newer technologies, such as wind, tidal, geothermal and biomass. Other sessions focus on funding, permitting and regulations relevant to energy projects. Still others are on hydropower, regional electric grids and efficiency.

Field trips to Juneau power projects are included. So is an Energy 101 session, providing

Sitka's Blue Lake hydroproject, which is slated for expansion.

an overview for people new to the topic.

The conference is sponsored by the Alaska Energy Authority and the Alaska Center for Energy and Power. Its theme is “Energy Pathways to Alaska’s Future”.

The event, Tuesday through Thursday at Juneau’s Centennial Hall, is expected to attract several hundred people from dozens of cities and villages.

Last year’s conference was in Fairbanks.

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