Coast Guard monitoring condition of injured fisherman

By August 26, 2011Military

The Coast Guard is monitoring the condition of a fisherman who suffered cuts to the inside of his mouth aboard the 98-foot vessel Shellfish.

Chief Petty Officer Kip Wadlow says the boat rolled while the 25-year-old crewmember was in the engine room with a flashlight in his mouth, causing cuts on his tongue and the back of his throat. The Coast Guard launched two helicopters from Air Station Sitka last night, but Wadlow says weather prevented them from doing a hoist.

“Coast Guard flight medics are keeping appraised of his situation. Right now, he’s kind of out of the danger zone. He still has the injuries, but they are non-life threatening,” Wadlow said.

When the call came in at about 6:30 Thursday night, Wadlow says the boat was about 270 miles west of Sitka, where it’s headed. At last check it was travelling about 7 knots.

Wadlow says the Coast Guard will attempt another hoist if the weather improves.

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